Zagone Boys

I do not have the perfect words to describe these two little guys. I am so blessed by all of my clients, but I feel especially blessed by this family. This is Phillip and Dominic, their daddy is a marine and their mommy gets to stay home and play with them all day. Jamie (their wonderful mommy) is probably the first person to make me feel truly appreciated for my pictures, and every time I’ve taken them, she makes me feel like I captured them perfectly. That’s all I want to do, is to capture all my kids perfectly. The Zagones have become part of our family and I am so thankful for that.

Here’s a peak at our session, we started outside and ended in the studio, here’s our little journey



Here’s our little shy boy Dominic… I love this one!


I loved all of these sooo much that I couldn’t pick just one


Or 4 for that matter — love the cowboy boots! And the face…


He sure thinks we’re funny! haha


There were soo many more I could have added but I tried to narrow it a tiny bit…

Thank you for everything Zagone Family, see you soon!


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