Joey and Jamie Chapin

So you’ve seen my very first photo that had Jamie Spiegel (now Chapin) and then you’ve seen Elijah one year photos. And now you will see the family. I’ve actually known Joey since the third grade! And Jamie just about as long it seems like. Jamie was the maid of honor for our wedding and is one of my very best friends. I asked her if she wouldn’t mind “being engaged” for me for this session. I’ve had the overwhelming desire to try and practice as much as I can lately, my passion for photography grows everyday and so I always like volunteers who are willing to smile for me for an hour!  So this is their engagement slash already has a kid photo session! Because of course we had to put Elijah in there for a little family action. There are quite a few, but that’s because I loved them all!



This one is so cute!


Jamie can be sitting on a bunch of tires and still be beautiful!


These next ones are what happens when I leave the camera with Kathleen…. goof balls! And the last one, why? you guys why? You know how I feel about that! ha!!


This is “Uncle” JD (happens to also be my brother) Elijah has lots of “Aunts” and “Uncles” because he’s the only kid for any of us to play with. Here he is hanging with JD while I take some others of mommy and daddy!


Family time…


Eli is cracking up at either Kathleen or JD, one of my lovely assistants for the day :) His face is soo cute here


LOVE this….


Back to my engagement shoot, I love this one…


And this would probably be my favorite of the day

Chapins457Thank you! Thank you Chapins for coming out with me that day, it was fun as always to hang out with you guys. You have a beautiful family and I had a great time practicing on you! Love you~


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