Matt and Karen Riley

Soooo, weddings…. They are not my usual forte… But this is Karen and Matt, they have been clients of mine for a couple of years now. Their son is Zeke who I’ve posted photos of before, and this is their wedding. I wasn’t the main photographer on this, but Chris and Erin Austin of White Haute Photography were gracious enough to let me tag along and take a many photos as I wanted… It was a great learning experience, but it was also fun because I didn’t have to do any of the hard work! ha just the easy stuff like shoot the pictures!  I almost forgot to mention my biggest lesson of the day…. ALWAYS, ALWAYS make sure I unlock my car… before I stick the keys in my trunk! Oh ya, here I am trying to impress these fantastic photographers with my amazing (haha) skills and stunning personality while we were up at the Santa Rosa and well, that didn’t last long because then I locked my keys and the brides shoes, AND the brides purse, AND their son’s tuxedo and shoes! Ya not good! Boy did I feel dumb, I wanted to walk into the field, and just keep going! It all turned out okay, Chris and Erin had AAA and they came very fast. But still.. Embarrassing with a capital E!

But anyway, back to the bride and groom… here are some of my favorites…




This one is my favorite…


They were either laughing, or kissing… So it all made for great shots!


Everything turned out perfect! Thanks for letting me share your day with you Mr. and Mrs. Riley… and thank you Erin and Chris for letting me tag along with you!


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