Zagone Family

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you are all having a great day so far and have plenty to eat! Today is going to be a great day, and a day of thanks, and I just wanted to take a minute to say what I’m thankfulful for.  I am thankful for my husband and for all of the hard work he does for us everyday, and for his unfailing love towards me.  I’m thankful for my family, and my friends that have become my family for always being there for me, and laughing with me, and crying with me, and just loving me. I’m thankful for the babies that were born this month, and most of all for the promise of a loving, forgiving Father with every breathe I take.

I’ve actually been wanting to post the Zagone photos for about a month, since I took them that long ago, but I just haven’t gotten around to it. But I’m glad I didn’t because the other day I got an email from my sister-in-law that had a email message attached to it from Phillip (who if you don’t remember from my last post of Dominic, is a marine who left for Afghanistan not too long ago) but it touched me and just thought I’d share it today.  I know that I  was already talking about what I’m thankful for, and the soldiers fighting for us is another one for my list… This is Phillip’s email, he was writing to Jaymi and it read;

hi baby, yes that is the right address. anyway i just wanted to tell u about the convoy, it took us 20 hours to go 40 miles, once we got there we set up a 360 security, we were surrounded by rocky mountains all during the night the afghanies were sending light signals through all the mountains around us, we were surrounded i was very scared that they were going to attack us but never before did i believe more that it was God watching over us, especially when we got hit by 7 i.e.d’s no one got hurt again the Lord watching over us. i see the little children in these villages and i cant help but think about my little loves of my life i miss them so much, well i am tired so i  am going to sleep now.    I LOVE U AND MISS U SO MUCH.
It’s so crazy what they go through over there, and I just wanted to share that today since this day is about being thankful, and I am thankful for our soldiers, and for all of the other men and women who work hard to get by on a daily basis here in our country.

Oh ya and of course… the Zagone Family pictures, here are some of the ones I heart.



I love how you can see little Dominic’s eye peeking through his fingers! So cute!


zagone-281Thank you for sharing your lives with me. And we can’t wait to see you Phil! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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