Family Time

Good morning! It has been FOREVER since I’ve written. Since Thanksgiving! Well things got very, very hectic immediately after Thanksgiving. Besides photo shoots almost every weekend, one of my best friends got married. So we had showers, and parties and of course the wedding. But things have calmed down a little, so back to work…. this shoot was really fun, of course it’s in my new favorite spot, Santa Rosa. We were traipsing through when all of a sudden a park ranger appeared out of nowhere. He told us to stay on the path, so we did…. sort of. A little info on this family, I knew Erica from working at Pedder Nissan (in Hemet, they’re great.. go get a car from them!) I was only there a short while but I had the opportunity to meet Erica and she decided these photos would be a great gift for her mom.. So here are a few from the day.

Look at these kids, they’re adorable. Little Isaac.. cracked me up the whole time! And the girls are just so cute!


This one is Erica, her husband Phil, and their two girls Tisha and Julia.


This is Erica’s sister Jennifer, and her two kids Breanna and Isaac.



My favorite of the day…


Thank you everyone for sharing your time with me. It was a ton of fun! I hope to see you all again soon!

I promise I won’t wait this long to post again, I’ll be back tonight I can’t wait to put up my friends newborn shoot! Have a great day everyone!


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