Jaymi & Dominic

Good morning everyone! It’s a beautiful day today and feel so blessed with my life! Nothing exciting happened but you just have to be happy your alive, and for what you do have! Anyway I am running late as usual! But I really wanted to post this blog before I left. I got some pretty cool news a couple weeks back, a pediatrics dental office might be hanging up some of my pictures! Which is super cool, I am anxious to see if/ and if/which pictures they choose. They did want some additional “mommy and me” photos, so instead of pulling from old ones, I wanted to take some new. Plus I always need the practice. So here are a few that I sent the office to look at. I love them!

This is my first favorite!



And my second favorite!!

jaymi6305AND then.. Jaymi will probably KILL me once she finds out these are here, but… I also wanted to take some fun ones of just her.. I messed around a little in Photoshop, I like trying out some new things, but here they are…


She’s so gorgeous!


This is just a fun one I’ve been wanting to try…

jaymi6291That’s it for now! I better get to work, now I’m REALLY late! Haha it’s okay, it’s worth it. Hope you enjoy these everyone, feel free to comment on anything.. And thank you Jaymi and Dominic for being so willing to do whatever I need. Love you guys!

Everyone have a great day, and be thankful for what you have! xoxo


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