Friday Photo

Yay for Fridays! Here is my photo for the day. You’ve seen these guys a lot lately, but I love it. These are my favorite kinds of shoots because they’re like family to me so there is no pressure at all. I always have fun on my shoots but I don’t know… these ones are just different. So I will definitely be posting more from this session later but when I was editing and got to this one, I just had to smile. Not because of the absolutely beautiful weather that day, or the amazing sunset, the nice pile of coyote poop (I left that there for your enjoyment), or even the boys being sooo cute and brotherly by holding hands, but because of mom. Just look at her smile! It’s so loving and proud. I can’t wait to be like her watching my babies. I’m such a planner and I think I have it all figured out and with a simple phone call, it all changes. I think this is my season of living one day at a time, because just when I think I have it all figured out… I realize I don’t! ha and God says no, no, no not that way, but let me lead you this way.. Always, always it ends up better than my very detailed, organized road map of life.. Despite everything we deal with everyday, all the “stresses, and worries” we have to deal with while we’re here, there is always hope, and love and God’s promises to hold on to. In the times of bads, there’s always goods. And I don’t know why, but after seeing this photo, and of course a huge rabbit trail of thoughts, that’s what I’ve come up with for today. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


Thanks for reading! I hope to be back soon, I have a shoot to post of a 1 year old destroying her cake, it’s so cute! Have a great Friday, and I hope for all of us it goes by FAST!!


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