Acorns… no pine cones

What a lovely morning! There is one thing I do love about the rain… when it goes away and the next day is beautiful!

This session was soo fun! This is Chase and he is just about 2 years, Dave and Elisabeth (daddy and mommy) live on this amazing golf course so we had so much fun running around all over! At our last stop we found a bunch of what I called acorns, which in turn made Kathleen (who was my acting assistant for the day) continue to call them acorns, which turned out to be pine cones! Who calls pine cones acorns? Apparently us! Anyway, it was fun, and it’s always nice to catch up with friends! Here’s Chase…

All of the boys are huge golfers so of course Chase loves it too!




With the sun shining on him this one, he looks like a little angel.. of course he’s an angel, wouldn’t you agree mom? haha




Future GQ here



There’s a time with all of my miniature clients that makes me think… whoa, he’s not a baby anymore… This next one does it for me. He’s a little boy now…



Hope you all enjoyed! Have a great day…

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