Chicken pox scar and a weird last name…

So I’ve been thinking a lot about my website for the past few weeks, and a lot about my business and where I want it to go. My brain is constantly wondering to different ways to make some new friends here in my business. Tuesday of last week, Jasmin Star mentioned on Twitter that she would be speaking at Cypress College, about “Ghetto Fabulous Marketing”, I thought perfect, that’s just what I needed, and I read on, for FREE! Even more perfect! Not that I wouldn’t pay to go to one of her trainings that she puts on sometimes, but it’s just not in the budget yet. So in my eyes, this opportunity was what my friends and I like to call “A God thing” so I had to take the afternoon off of work to get my butt down there. She was her usual inspirational self, and talked a lot about websites, and representing your true self, and over and over about keeping it real. I do think that I do a pretty good job of being myself here in my blogs, but it just encouraged me to keep going. I’m hoping that very, very soon my website will be getting a face lift, so please keep checking back!

So after the seminar, I started my long, traffic filled drive home from O.C to Riverside and I got to thinking about what I’d just heard and starting thinking a little bit about when I was younger. I’m not even sure what age I was (have to check with my mom) but I got the chicken pox, and wouldn’t you know I was only left with one scar! That’s pretty good, except.. that one scar… was right smack dab in the middle of my eyes! Of course when I was younger I didn’t care, but once the make-up went on ooohwie I was so embarrassed of that scar! Right about the time my scar started embarrassing me I also became very aware of the weird last name I had. Shukwit.. What kind of name was that? I remember one point I was having everyone call me Jessica Rose, forget the Shukwit, who needs it. I was never embarrassed of my family, or where I came from, or who I was. Just the weird name.  Fast forward to now… I’ve come to realize that all of those little things, my chicken pox scar, the mole under my arm-pit, my funky name, that’s me. Everything I was, made me everything I am. Getting married and changing my last name.. to Williams ha. That’s an easy one, but changing my name makes me appreciate even more what my name used to be. And if you know me and my family, being a Shukwit means your pretty darn cool!

So this is me… chicken pox scar and all. (although throughout the years it’s obviously faded a bit) Hope you enjoy, and always be proud of who you are! “Keep it Real” right Jasmin!!?


What are some things that you have been embarrassed of? Are you still embarrassed? Tell me stories…


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