You know they’re your friends when…

Happy Friday! Hope everyone is getting excited about the weekend… Sooo, I’m just gonna throw this out to the blog world… I think it’s pretty safe to say that my friends are better than yours… just sayin. Hands down, I have the best friends anyone could ask for. My friends (all of them at one time or another) have been there for me, through the ups and downs. They’ve been there to pray with me whenever I needed it. I sure am a lucky girl!  The reason I bring them up is because as I’ve mentioned previously I’ve just been wanting to shoot everybody and anybody who will let me near them! I’ve asked several of my friends to model for me, and sooner or later I’m sure you will get to see most of them here. These two boys are my first victims, I mean models. The first is my friend Kellen, and the other, my wonderful (did I say single yet) brother J.D. You might have seen my recent post about my brothers, if not you can read HERE. Does my brother count as a friend? I think so. Either way, I’m thankful for him in my life, as I am all of my friends. Although it is kind of funny, I had to ask Kellen once to model for me, JD is took like a week to break him down!

Anyway, here are some of my favorites


I don’t exactly know why but I just love this next one…



Kellen is working on becoming a pro golfer, so he’s gonna autograph this next one so when he is famous I can make some money off of him!



And then there’s my brother who pretends not to like this, but when he works the camera like this how can we believe him!?


Love this next one…


My brother thinks I’m hilarious! I mean obviously he does right!?


I really like this one


Dang so either I’m really good, or he’s just GQ. I LOVE this next one too


The next one I have to admit I cheated, my good friend Sam Allen who does amazing graphic design herself, and also works for Central Creative Group as a design associate showed me this awesome project she was working on and thought this would be cool for J.D and immediately I agreed.


And last but not least…


Thank you boys for helping me out, I totally appreciate it. You know they’re your friends when they will support your passion and take time out of their busy life just to help you. Do you have great friends? Tell me about them. I love when people encourage people and just love on them. Have a wonderful weekend!! xoxo


2 thoughts on “You know they’re your friends when…

  1. Thanks for the shout out Jess! I love these and totally agree withyour thoughts on the one of JD in front of the wall and the close up right before that.

  2. Dang that first boy is way cute! Great job Jess i enjoy looking at your pictures. Jd looks great to by the way haha! These are wonderful and im super impressed by you. i love you

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