My pops

First of all I’d like to say Happy Father’s day to all the proud pappas out there! I wish you all the best day. But to my dad, a very special happy father’s day! Well.. because your my dad. I’ve decided to list why your just so special.

1. You have me as a daughter.

2. You are the Godly example every child should have.

3. Your funny.

4. You always care for everyone.

5. You’ve passed on your opinionated personality to your daughter.

6. You seek the Lord in everything you do.

7. Your musically inclined. (which you didn’t pass on to your daughter)

8. You’ve raised 3 kids (with the help of mom of course) to know the bible and God’s word, to know right from wrong, and to pray at all times.

9. You have me as a daughter.

10. You love Scott’s family.

11. You serve the Lord and His people even when it’s hard.

12. You love.

13. You make everybody your best friend… instantly.

14. I’m pretty sure you know what 14 is.. having me as a daughter.

I could keep going but I’m sure you understand, and if I don’t tell you enough how special you are to me, I hope that you always, always know. Thank you for forgiving me for the things I’ve done wrong, and thank you, thank you for never stopping praying for me and my family. When that times comes, your going to be the best grandpa EVER! I love you dad.

In the past 6 months or so I’ve definitely got the creative itch. I’m not sayin I’m good at it, but I’ve got the itch. About a month ago I took some photos for my dad of him and my mom. He just wanted to have some to hang in his study. I’ve been doing these canvas paintings lately so I decided to make him one from a photo that I took of him playing the harmonica. No I did NOT draw this, I couldn’t if you paid me. I traced it from a copy I printed. Added a little splash of paint and tada.. here it is. Just thought I’d share.



Happy Father’s day to all you dad’s out there, especially mine! Have a wonderful day!


6 thoughts on “My pops

  1. Thank you Jessica, I would have listed #1 as having you as a daughter as well. My heart flutters everytime I see you and see what an amazing Woman you have become. I thank the Lord for you and for the lucky people that embrace you as their friend. I have always wanted you to be as happy as you possibly could, and I have learned that is only in a life that is dedicated to Our Lord and Savior. I love Scott and still hope he realizes how blessed he is to have you in his life. I thank you for your patience in listening to me all these years and having your own opinion as well. Many time we think a like and the few times we don’t well,, then you’re wrong :). I love you more then life itself..

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