I.Love.You – Loves and Shoves

This post was suppose to go up last week but I just never got around to it.. Something occurred to me last week, when you see children with disabilities, or just different you think about how you feel. Depending on what kind of person you are, you might possibly distance yourself from them. It never occurred to me that a family might do this to their own, until this week. I took an asl class at my work (which I no longer work for, which is another post for another time) and my teacher and I got to talking about deaf families and how sometimes 2 deaf parents have a hearing child, and are almost disappointed. They don’t see it as a disability, and I don’t either. That brought us to the conversation of 2 hearing parents having a deaf child, which is what he had grown up with as well as his wife. He said that alot of families that only have 1 deaf child never even really learn sign language, and for years and years there is close to nothing in the form of communication. This saddens my heart so much. I’ve never thought of that before. My prayer from this day forward, should God give me a child with a hearing disability that I would never do that, that all of my family would want to learn sign language to be able to communicate with them. He painted a picture for me of Thanksgiving, everybody is together laughing and talking while that poor kid is just sitting there, not really even knowing what is going on. I totally didn’t write this to depress anybody, just make you aware. And I also don’t think it stops with hearing, it can be any disability.

Okay so with the help of my best girlfriends, we’ve found a name for the weekly blog I’d like to start doing. Drumroll please… Loves and Shoves. So here it is for this week

Scott and I started signing I love you to each other a little while ago. I think it would be a fun family thing to start now.


* Becoming aware.

* New found free time

* Naps


*Families that isolate their children.

* Square meat.

* People who lie

3 thoughts on “I.Love.You – Loves and Shoves

  1. that’s horrible that some parents don’t learn to sign. I can’t imagine not being able to communicate with my child.

    Ewwie ewwie square meat.

    I love you (signed, of course)

  2. 1. Yes I used to go to an asl camp for deaf children and they would tell their stories about what it was like to grow up in a hearing world, and so many of them were cast out of their families because the parents did not learn their child’s language.
    2. I like to view deaf people as less of a disability and think of them as just speaking a different language. A totally beautiful language that has so much heart and soul in it.
    3. Sam and I have signed I LOVE YOU to each other probably once a day for the past 4 or 5 years. I like that you guys do it too!!!
    4.Loves and Shoves is just brilliant, you must have creative friends.

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