Humidity, Waffles and Bow-ties

Where do I begin.. well this is my first time that I’ve spent any time in Texas.. Can’t say that it was thoroughly enjoyable only because the humidity was H-orrible! But besides that, it’s beautiful there! At least where we were, a town near Houston it was soo green with big trees and bushes everywhere. Although, shortly after I got there I realized why it is so green there, because at any time it starts pouring rain. No thank you!

The reason we were in Texas was because my baby brother was getting married. You might remember their engagement photos from July, if you haven’t seen them you can check them out HERE. I still can’t believe he’s married, he still seems like a baby to me. We arrived a few days before the wedding and did a little visiting around town. I thought it was extremely funny when our hotel breakfast served Texas shaped waffles! Although, now I really want to find one in the shape of California! It’s not fair they get one and we don’t!

When they say it’s bigger in Texas, they aren’t kidding. This isn’t a golden state bridge or anything, this is just a bridge on a frequently traveled freeway!

We were visiting my brother and his new bride’s house, I thought their mailbox was quite cute…

And here’s Jones! My new little pal. This is Brian & Grace’s doggie, and I love him!

Now for a few wedding details… The groomsmen wore these adorable green bow-ties! Loved it.

Details, details..

Best man speech.. Hilarious.

So I had a great time at the wedding, but I did a pretty bad job at being a photographer. I shot like 2 shots of the bride and groom. Mostly it was because they had hired a professional wedding photographer and I in no way wanted to intrude. I probably could have, but I felt out of respect I should try to be invisible with the lens.. so here’s one of my onlys. At least it’s super cute!

Look at the shot of the best man speech, and then back at this one.. This the cake topper that Grace made, it looks just like them!! Love!

Little misses precious…

This is my other (have I said single?) brother. The left one is him being annoyed by my constant picture taking, the right one is where he remembers I’m really funny…

And finally, husband and wife.. married.. going to live happily ever after.

I love you Mr. and Mrs. Shukwit, and I hope you come home soon.


4 thoughts on “Humidity, Waffles and Bow-ties

  1. Love them all! I have place mats that remind me of the bow ties. I looooove them. JD looks so dapper… except his hands, you can tell he feels awkward! I got really excited to see you posted something. Yaaay!

  2. Cuteness! I want California shaped waffles. Actually, any shape now that I have a craving for them :) Cutie one of the girl with the balloon. Love them! PS, love the napkins!

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