Lasting Impression

Isn’t it funny how people can come into your lives as quickly as they go, You can sit next to a stranger on a plane and after 5 hours you know their entire life story. I love that life brings all different types of people into your life whether it’s for hours or years. I love learning about what brought people to that very spot in life where they are right then. That is part of the reason I love being a photographer, meeting new people. I love to hear the stories behind the people, and what speed bumps they have hit and overcome to be who they are. But it’s all about the impression you leave, what type of person are you? What if you only had 327 minutes sitting next to a stranger, what kind of impression would you leave? I am now determined when I have that chance to leave my impression, that it would be one filled with praise to God, joy and peace.

I really, really am kicking myself for forgetting my camera cord to upload photos while we’re in Hawaii. I am hoping one of the many people in our group might have one that I can use. We’re here for Scott’s sister’s wedding on Wednesday and it couldn’t be a more beautiful place to get married. I wanted to leave you with a better photo but this one from my phone will have to do for now.

ps. I’ve set a new goal for when I get back and am done with all things wedding, and I’ve finished my website… I want to learn to sew. Just saying.



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