Marvin + Sherri :: Temecula Engagement

Love at second sight. I totally believe in it! You need a time or two for it to register right? And it happened when Sherri least expected it, and to just a boy, I mean 1 year younger, would she dare!? But dare she did, and 7 years later here they are. Getting married. Sherri, sister to 10 and aunt to 19.. Marvin, brother to 2 and uncle to 2. But they are perfect for each other… you know those couples that just completely compliment each other? That’s them, I’ve really, truly enjoyed getting to know you guys and can’t wait to see how beautiful your wedding photos turn out! I hope that we become life long friends and can’t wait to hang out for family photos for many years to come.

For this session I kind of felt like VIP, which doesn’t happen to me often. But Marvin and Sherri are getting married in Temecula and please forgive me that I forgot the name, but their coordinator got us on to the property of one of the wineries, somewhere I normally wouldn’t be allowed, so that made it fun. It was so pretty. Here are just a few of our favorite, hope you enjoy!

It’s a good thing I’m so funny..

And let’s end with a little bit of rawr…

Thank you guys so much for picking me. And thank you for the love and support Sherri of you and your sister just in the short time I’ve known you, I appreciate it more than you know. I’m so excited for you two and hope your wedding is everything you want it to be plus more!

xoxo *jess


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