There’s a Snake in my Boots

Every once in a while I just get overjoyed with how lucky I am to have the job that I do. I had 3 of my favorite munchkins here with me today, actually no, I’ve seen 4 already today. I got to see Bella today and she is doing great after her heart surgery!! She is exactly the same with the smiles that just melt you heart! And then I had Ava, Grace and Chase here just a little bit ago. Chase is Woody and Ava is Jessie for halloween so we had to get the duo together which I am sure you will see later. But I was editing these already only because I still have 3 other appointments today that I want to make sure I have plenty of space for on my card and when I saw these 2 of Chase and it really hit me.. just how lucky I am. I’m lucky to be around such happy and fun kids all the time, I feel like an Aunt to about 10!

I know that I could have picked many others of Woody smiling, but these were the ones that gave me the “feeling” I mean look at those eyes, he looks like a real cowboy! I just had to hurry up and share while I had a chance! Oh my gosh and I’m super excited because Chase is going to be getting a new baby sister around March and I just know she’s going to be beautiful like her mama. So then I’ll be an aunt of 11!

Happy Wednesday!



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