Babies and Children have my heart…

**Warning, very long and personal post ahead.. Proceed with caution.

One of the cool things about the way God works, well.. I should preface and say the way God works in my life is kind of funny to me. I feel like I don’t realize He’s putting things and people in my life all the while, and then it hits me suddenly like, duh! why didn’t I realize that before! This time it had to do with my business, the one thing I’ve always prayed was God, thank you for my passion but take this all away if this is not what you want me doing.. it’s safe to say he’s only opened doors rather than closing them throughout the years.

So onto the focus of this novel of a post… Most of the people who know me know that as much as I LOVE all things wedding, I have absolutely no desire to photograph them! The thing I’ve noticed most about the photography world, at least the ones I follow, it’s all about the weddings! Which is awesome but makes it difficult for me because when I want to learn, I would like to learn from someone who does something other than weddings. But anyway, back to the point. If I think back now, to the roughly 6 years (I need to figure out the exact amount of time I’ve been doing this, might help to know) but if I think back, a majority of my clients have been babies and children. I was fortunate enough about 2 weeks ago to sign up for an online conference put on by a photographer that specializes in babies and children. Yay! All the while my passion for kids growing and growing. I can’t help but think that my miscarriage helped fueling in that fire. Since then not only I have I felt such a deep desire to have a baby of our own, but it’s given me such a deeper connection to the kids I encounter, may they be my friends kids, or clients. If nothing else positive came from losing our baby, that would be enough. Then, last week we ran into a friend of ours who’s starting such an awesome thing. They have started Kidz Closet, where they will sell new and gently used kids clothes, toys, accessories, etc. Lacy is a crafty women and will also be selling her creations as well, it’s just going to be a store of awesomeness! I think this is great, and James has told me from day 1, they will be starting on the right foot and will be giving clothes and portions of profit back to our local churches and organizations.

There are 2 reasons why I’m posting about this, well.. more like 2 1/2.. 1 – I think if you are able to, you should help support them, if you have any new or gently used children’s clothes that only fit your bebe for a short while because they grow like crazy, or if you would just like to donate something. Let me know and I’ll gladly get it to them, or you can contact him HERE .I can’t wait to see how Kidz Closet just blesses the socks off of people!

Then my 1/2 reason, I was just thinking about what they were doing, and the store will be local here in Canyon Lake and I started thinking that maybe they might like the idea of hanging up some photos of mine in the store. Some of kids, or even their family, I kinda thought it would be a nice touch. And obviously anywhere I can plaster my photos helps me too :) So I emailed James and they were totally up for it!! It’s such a blessing to feel like someone genuinely wants to help, him and his wife not only want to help the people they will be reselling their items to, but also want to help me. It’s refreshing, and encouraging to say the least. So when you stop by the store, look at my photos too!!

Then reason 3 for the novel post, all of these events, everything leading up to my discovery to what God has been showing me all along… Babies and children… that’s where my heart is, that’s the direction I should go. I don’t know that a declaration needs to be made, but I think that I’ll be trying to specialize in babies and children… this doesn’t mean that I can’t shoot families, or engagements or seniors (because I love those too!) Basically I’m learning through this that I tend to take on a lot, A LOT and what I really need to focus on is my photography and not too much else. At the same time serving as many people as I can because that’s why I’ve been given this amazing passion, to bless people. I just think it’s something cool and it’s obviously been put on my heart for a reason. I’m super excited to see where it all leads.

xoxo. j


4 thoughts on “Babies and Children have my heart…

  1. That is awesome that you found a online course specializing in what you want to focus on! I am glad you like babies so much :) They really are the best little people to be around.

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