To Love and Lose

“Tis better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all” Alfred, Lord Tennyson

I’ve prided myself for as long as I can remember on believing this quote to be true. But today, I must admit I struggle with this. If you hadn’t loved them so much, it wouldn’t hurt so bad when they’re gone.

I know that you don’t choose to love your family, so really there is no other option but to love them. Rather, I think it’s important to take a moment and appreciate the time whether it’s short or long that you did love them and they loved you back. Take what you’ve learned and hold tightly to that.

I feel very heart broken today, and don’t mean to write a sad post but my dear friend lost her mama yesterday and so while I was thinking about her, this quote and these thoughts came to my mind. I wish I could take away her pain of the loss, and I pray that she can think about the love they shared and know that she is a better person because of that.


2 thoughts on “To Love and Lose

  1. I think if we were given the opportunity to love someone knowing they would be gone, that love would be so precious, so honest and so sincere, that is how we should love, as though that person would be gone tommorow, and then for them at least, it truly would be better to have been loved then to never having been loved at all.
    I love you pumpkin !

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