Taking Chance : Part 1

Oh where do I even start? Last week I posted about a loss, today I will post about a life. There are 2 parts to our trip to Utah. First would be about the funeral service of a mom of one of my dearest friend, and secondly, the road trip.. enough said.

Although I feel as if a fire has been lit under my tush, I don’t think I’ll go into detail so much about the things I think should be kept private. I’ll just share what I’ve learned from a woman’s life that I hope to take with me forever. I think there are many more but these are the 3 I have been contemplating over since our trip.

Love Deeply. Get Involved. Know Jesus. Seems simple right? (now this is just my version of what these mean of course) Love deeply means to love when it’s hard to and it’s the last thing I want to do, to serve other people with an open heart and to just give myself. Get involved means to be involved in my church, help in the community, and not to sound corny and cliche but just do it, jump in and help. Know Jesus, well that one really should be the easiest. Spend time in God’s word, period. I feel like if you get the 3rd one down, it’ll lead you to the first 2.

To hear about the life of such a wonderful woman definitely encouraged me in too many ways to even try and relay all of them. One of my favorite things we were told that she would say was “Put your big girl panties on and deal with it” I Love that. I think a lot of times I forget the big girl ones at home, but hears to putting on the big girl panties! And hears to Dixie and the example of what a deeply loved, involved, bible believing women she is and encouraged me to be.

A good friend of mine also wrote a great post about our trip and Dixie, if you’d like to read it, head over HERE. She’s said everything and more I could want to say about this trip.

5 thoughts on “Taking Chance : Part 1

  1. Thanks for linking to mine! I had planned on doing that to yours once you posted! I like your 3 main points… It’s amazing how many lessons we took away from that but you really covered them all in “Love Deeply. Get Involved. Know Jesus.”

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