Taking Chance : Part 2

Now for the second part, our road trip. Four of us traveled the 14 hours on the 15 freeway together. One of couldn’t remember the dogs name and kept calling him Chance. One of us would FREAK out if the navigation told us to go a different way than her route. One of us hated the cold. One of us loved it. All of us truly felt like Vernal, Utah was where we were suppose to be.

Now, being the photographer that I am, I came prepared this trip. With a tripod. And my self-timer. If I knew us like I do, I knew we’d be taking lots of pictures! Now sometimes that’s the beauty of being a photographer, I don’t have to be in front of the camera much. But I knew I would want to this time. So here’s our road trip in photos…

Our quick stop in Las Vegas for a potty break, and to take a picture with Champ.

Jamie can’t get the dogs name right, but she takes her dog-sitter job very seriously.

The first of the snow on our trip. Now, I usually stick to photographing subjects with a pulse. But I did love the view from the car.

I wish our skies were this blue.

We had a little bit of down time so we decided to see the country a bit.. and decided this spot would be our first backdrop. I was setting up the shot, and the goofballs jumped in there.

I really, really love this one.

Rock stars.

The street was named Dinosaur something or other. And so we had to stop and take these photos for Eli, Jamie’s son!

I’m pretty sure it was in the low 20 degrees in this one!

This might be my all time favorite one from the trip.

Goodbye snow.

Love this one…

I’ll end with this beautiful sunset..

I haven’t been on many road trips, and the reason for the trip was so sad, but this was by far the best time I’ve had on one.


9 thoughts on “Taking Chance : Part 2

  1. Thanks Jessica for sharing, i know you think its because im your dad, that i say such wonderful things about you and your photography! But they are wonderful and so are you, even if i wasnt your dad ♥

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