The 6 Grand-kids of Kim Davis:: Lake Elsinore Child Photography

It ages me to say that I’ve known these kids since they were born. The Davis’ have been family friends to us for a very long time. Kim is grandma and is one of the kindest, most caring women I know. Kim’s son Bryan and his family are moving to Indiana this Sunday so Kim really wanted to get them all together for a photo. So that was our mission, and I have to say, Mission Accomplished. We did good, the kids were great! I loved all of the colors the kids wore, I usually wouldn’t go with each kid wearing a different color but it sooo worked. They looked like a mini-rainbow! Loved it! It was actually really, really cold this day but the kids stuck it out and were great.

This is Jody & Lincoln (forgive me if I spelled their names wrong Patty!) These are Kim’s son Bryan’s kids. This just makes me smile when I look at it again, both of their faces!

I know this is similar to the previous, but I just couldn’t narrow, they were too cute.

And here is my wonderful mini-rainbow of beautiful kids…

These kids are Kim’s daughter Becca’s. (Not only was it cold, it was windy too! As you can tell from the fly away hair)

And here is the 6th grand-kid of Kim, who shall rename nameless.. (because his name is still being decided) Grant seriously had all of us rolling with laughter here! He kept burying his head into mommy’s baby belly and then cracking up. It was great!

I’ll end with this. I just love seeing the love between kids and their mom, it’s just so fun and such a blessing.

Thank you Kim for giving me the opportunity to take these. I had a blast!

xoxo                                                                                                                                                        j.


10 thoughts on “The 6 Grand-kids of Kim Davis:: Lake Elsinore Child Photography

  1. Jessica, It was cold. But it was fun. The kids stayed warm from running back and forth. We had a good time and I love these pictures. Thanks for capturing this fun.

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