Meet the Sanchez Family :: Lake Elsinore Family Photography

This is the sweetest family ev-er! I met with them the same day as I shot Kim’s grand kids at the same location. This is my first ever time for booking an appointment back to back on location, we had a late arrival for the first appointment otherwise I think it would have worked out perfectly! Actually it still did, luckily we are all one big happy church family so each group didn’t mind me running back and forth once or twice to shoot the kids, or shoot the family by the Mustang. This day was fu-reezing! They had their warm jackets on in between each shot right until it was action time. The girls were bold with their gorgeous get-up on, and did a great job hiding how cold they were :)

This is the one and only somewhat smile I was able to get from Alex.

Oh and this one too! I think this one is so cute!

But not here, I mean I’m hilarious I don’t know why I couldn’t get him to crack one…

Thank you Sanchez family, you are all great, love you guys!


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