Smarties plus some dirt and rocks :: Temecula Child Photography

Smarties.. they are one of my favorite inventions, these little things get my kids to sit, stand, stay and smile like champs! If I ever run out of them that might just be the day my business goes down because I’d be in trouble. This session features 3 handsome boys, Caleb, Cash and Jack. They really didn’t think anything myself or mom did was funny, they actually thought we were quite dumb I’m sure and mostly they just wanted to play in the dirt. But at one point Cash did tell me I wasn’t old, he quickly became my favorite ;) ha I love them all, but ya know I love that compliment. Here are a few of my favs.

A couple days before Cash fell off of his bike and had to get some stitches. We captured that lovely memory.

At one point Jack had mistaken a rock for one of the smarties and stuck that in his mouth instead, he had dirt drool down his chin that we had to clean up. Too funny.

I think this is cute, pretty sure we tried talking to him about his girlfriend here, not positive though.

Thank you Joey, you have 3 beautiful boys!


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