Life where I Am – Loves and Shoves

Good morning! I’m off to the Orange County swap meet and IKEA (yay for cheap fun things today!) I have been thinking for the past 2 days, isn’t it funny (funny in a not really that funny but sad kind of way) how we are constantly wanting to be in a different place in life? Once this happens it’ll all be good, and once that happens life will be better, and OH once that other things happens life will perfect. I feel like I tend to do that often. But I want to stop living for the future, and live for the present (I feel like I’ve posted about this before, but it’s okay I apparently need another reminder) I want to appreciate the life that God has given me right now. The job Scott has now and our life together, my healthy family and their love for me, my best friends and the way they care for me, my church family and our common bond in Jesus and my business. I’ve come a long way in my business and I can say that I’m quite proud that I am where I am. I think it’s important we appreciate where we are now in life because if not we’ll be thinking so much about the future that life will pass us by so fast we won’t even realize it. So here’s to enjoying life, looking forward to the future but not living for it, and loving who and where we are right now. Cheers!

I haven’t done a LOVES and SHOVES post lately so here it is :)


*Appreciating Life where I Am

*Living each day to the fullest

*The Orange County swap meet + IKEA in the same day


*Letting life pass by without living it

*Getting older

*Negative pregnancy tests


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