Ashlynn Enoch :: Menifee Child Photography

When I was younger, waaay younger I remember that in our neighborhood we were friends with all of our neighbors, and would hang out with them. I always imagined that’s how it would be when I grew up and had my own house. It’s kind of sad but it isn’t really like that for us, maybe it’s our fault, we don’t have a lot of time, and really aren’t home much. But fortunately for us, we do have great neighbors that live next door. They are such a sweet couple, plus bonus for me, they always seem to have extra butter or sugar when I need it! They had their first baby about 7 months ago and her name is Ashlynn, she is so sweet and so cute! I loved her Christmas dress and her eyes are gorgeous!

I love the little smile we got from her on the left, she almost thinks mom and I are funny…

Love. There doesn’t seem to anything sweeter than bare baby skin.

Thank you Jason and Sheila for being so sweet and always helping me bake!


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