Light #1 + Light #2 = no bueno

Some times I wonder who in the world would pay me to take their photos… Most of the time I get it, because I feel good, I feel like I’m in control and know what I’m doing. Other times, inside I’m freaking out thinking, what am I doing here?. It’s very rare, but it does happen. This morning… one of those awful times. I’m not a fan of what I call fake light, meaning in-studio or indoors. I totally prefer using the available light from the bright and shining sun! A couple of times a year I’ll photograph a dance or cheer team. This morning was the Temescal Canyon Dance Team. The instructor (love you Jen!) wanted to go with a theater look (for future reference in this post, parenthesis will convey my thoughts) so she wanted a theater look (oh geez Jen but okay) On my way there this morning, at 7 am might I add, I haven’t had to be out of the house that early in a very, very long time. But on the way there I’ve got my Rhianna blasting and I’m pumped. Fast forward to starting the shots. We’re ready to go, ohh. I can’t see anything. “Everybody look here, big smiles” (holy moly why aren’t the lights going off) “One minute everyone” (at home the flash trigger, well it does its job, triggers light #1 which triggers light #2.. why is it not working.. oh don’t forget to smile and be happy) Okay something worked, next shot. Same thing.. (smile, stay calm, and this is where I start praying… hard.. pleasework, pleasework, pleasework.) this is for some reason how my entire morning went. One second the lights would fire, the next.. nope.. Of course I would never leave without getting everything we came for and always eventually figure it out.. I think maybe I should have taken drama in high school (no not because I’m dramatic thank you very much! But because I’m good at pretending to be cool when inside I’m freaking out!) But everything turned out really cute, and Jen’s team always has the cutest ideas for the outfits. I always enjoy the dance teams, they seem a little… less… what’s the word.. prissy than they cheerleaders (no offense if there are any cheerleaders reading!) haha but they are fun, and sweet. I really enjoy just being around the kids, that’s the best part, and is totally worth the inside torment that happens occasionally.

I haven’t even started to edit these yet, but I already knew this would be my favorite group shot of the day. So here we have it (sorry no time to edit it at all).. Really cute right?

I’m in the middle of making some goodies now, maybe I’ll post a photo of them later! Happy Tuesday!


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