Treats + Treasures

A friend and I were talking last night about Christmas time and presents, and of course we love giving presents, I mean that really is the best part of it all. (I should preface of course I know that celebrating Jesus’ birth is the real reason for Christmas) But of the “christmasy” part, I just love giving presents and surprises to people, it’s so fun! Which is my treats part, but my treasures part, and what Kat and I were talking about, getting presents too! Soo much fun! Especially with our friends, only because we’ve known each other for sooo long that we never get bad gifts.. (you know like lotions, cheesy body sprays and bad smelling candles) we always get amazing gifts. Which is why we were all excited to have our annual Girls Christmas Dinner last night.

On to the treats. Every time I bake I always wonder when I’m going to stop thinking that I am Betty Crocker.. because I’m horrible at it! But I saw these on a blog and had to try. **Note to self, next time just go ahead with the pre-made pie crust. I’m pretty sure the crust tasted like play-dough. Anyway, regardless of how they tasted, they sure looked cute! I made cherry and apple.

Now, onto my treasures, which is the even better part. Look at this beauty, and it has a super long chain which I love!! I was in love instantly. I can hardly wait to wear it!

And look at this treasure Janessa got me! I keep staring at it trying to figure out if I will maybe sand it down and give it a different coat, or keep it like it is in all it’s awesomeness! (sorry for the horrible lighting, it’s the 1 day of doom and gloom in California so I have no natural light so I had to use my flash, boo) but you can still see how cool it is.

I’m pretty sure the thing I brag about most is my friends. I don’t mean to, it’s just they are the greatest and I can’t help it. Most girls barely have 1 friend they can turn to in a time of need… I have about 14.. seriously. I love you girls! And Happy Wednesday!


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