My Christmas

As I laid on my parents couch this morning waiting for everyone to wake up (I can never sleep in) I was remembering the 22 Christmases that I spent with my family. Specifically the ones when Santa Claus came, my brother and I would sleep in the same room and would be told numerous times that it was not late enough in the morning to get up and open presents. We had to at least wait for the sun to rise, that was the rule. I remember being soooo excited to open presents and to see the tinsel spread on the tree to show that Santa came. Now that I’m older (much older) and waiting downstairs I felt just as excited as when I was a kid. Not because of what I was getting, but because I couldn’t wait for my family to open up all of the presents we got them! I am sad because I can’t share this day with Scott (we had such a great day yesterday celebrating our Christmas, and I can’t wait to see if Santa brings us a late Christmas present this year ;)) but I am so blessed to have my family live so close so that I can come hang out here for the day.

I hope that you get everything you wish for this year! Merry Christmas!

Loves to you all during this Christmas time!


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