My Christmas in Pictures

There are many, many, many reasons why I love Christmas. I could probably write an entire post about all the reasons. But I won’t. One of the reasons is because usually the celebration goes for days, especially when you are married because you have both families to celebrate with. It’s awesome! So I thought I’d try to capture as much of this Christmas as I could in pictures. Some look better than others depending on which camera I used. Either way, doesn’t matter I just wanted to freeze the moments.

First things first, Christmas Eve morning we headed over to Scott’s parents to open the presents they had gotten us. Looking through the pictures now, I kinda failed at our first stop, only taking these 3. Plus I forgot my camera and had to use Scott’s dads, which was in his truck and was freezing so it left a hazy film on it at first.

His sister’s weren’t there for this, just his mom, dad and little brother.

And then, because I am extremely nosy and would have known what this was had it been at our house, Scott had his mom wrap up one of my Christmas presents, my new sewing machine! Yay! (I promise my eyes are open, despite what it looks like)

Then Scott and I took the rest of the day to celebrate just the 2 of us. When we got home, we made lunch and opened our presents..

As you can tell, he liked gift #1.

Diesel got a bone for Christmas, but apparently I decided to focus on his shoulder blades. O’well.

Present from Santa for us.

Our opening presents family photo (please excuse the disaster that I look like!)

Our stockings

Oh I almost forgot, tthe funniest thing Scott got me, this book. Scott and I are trying to have a baby and he saw this (at the $1 store!) and thought he’d wrap it up.. what he didn’t realize was what it was about. Below the title it says, “Hope and Help for Everyone facing Infertility” haha we are not infertile! I’m guessing he saw “Having a Baby” and didn’t bother to read the rest! It was funny, gave us a good laugh. It’s the thought that counts.

Later in the evening, after we had a nice dinner. We headed to our church Christmas Eve service, which I mentioned previously is something I love to do! Here are some pictures from that off the friends that were there.

Kathleen and I

My brother

The pretties..

Our annual Christmas Eve photo (precious Liam Daigle)

The Seneffs

And then on to Christmas day, since Scott worked I was with my family Christmas day.

Opening presents.

This was probably my favorite gift of the day.. A Jets t-shirt from J.D! I’ve been wanting one forever now and totally didn’t expect it, so great! (please excuse another gross picture of me, and I promise I have eyelashes, they’re there somewhere)

My mama

Look at how cute her mug is that she got from my brother!


And our family (missing Scott and my brother Brian of course)

After that I went to Scott’s family and hung out with them for a while. I didn’t take any photos there because we mostly just sat around and chatted.

All in all this was a great Christmas, probably the best in my book. I think the day Scott and I spent alone was what made it the best. Plus all the quality time I got to spend with our families and the awesome gifts I got! It was great! I can’t wait to see where we are next Christmas in our lives. I’m hoping Scott will be picking me up another $1 store treasure called “Raising a Baby”. That would be fantastic!

I hope your Christmas was just as great!


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