Temecula Portrait Photography :: Chris, Denae & Aleena

I have been holding on to this post now for a month! We couldn’t ruin the surprise for Denae and Aleen’s mom so I didn’t want to post it, but now.. Christmas is over and she’s seen them all and I can finally show this gorgeous family off!

When I first started talking to Denae about their photos she wanted something different, and she really liked the idea and look of sun flare. Of course the day we took the photos, it decided to show no signs of sun, darn! Plus I didn’t give the best directions and we started late, that didn’t help either. But luckily this location is awesome and the sky looked gorgeous. So we worked it. Oh did I mentioned they brought their doggies? An american bulldog names Junior and a shitzu (is that even how you spell that?) named Chloe. Denae and Aleena you are gorgeous and I had a great time! I couldn’t narrow it down very well so there’s a ton. But these are our favorites!

These girls know how to work the camera, heeey!

Denae and her babies, so cute!

Now for my 3 most favorite!! I love them…


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