Menifee Maternity Photography :: Kristy + Joe

Thinking back to a time when Kristy and I photographed together, it was hard to believe that we were in her moment now. Not a client. Not a friend. Her moment. This day is special because it is one of the very few that Kristy and Joe have left alone, to be still and quiet before their precious boy comes. Typically, I don’t take maternity photos until mommies are a little bit further along,  in this case we had to because Joe has been accepted into the Correctional Department and left last Saturday for a 4 month academy. While the timing isn’t ideal with them expecting their first baby in March, it’s what God has given them and they’re rolling with it. Joe being hired is a long awaited answer to our families prayers. I can hardly wait until they are holding their baby boy Jaxon, and can’t wait to see their little family expand to 3.

We have plans to do another fun maternity shoot towards the end of February of Kristy alone, but for now, I’ll leave you with these.

Gotta love our J’s!

I love that they laugh together.. nothing better for the baby..

I know we’re doing more of Kristy alone later but I thought it would still be fun to do a comparison from now and again then to see the difference in the size of her belly.

Okay so we decided to try something new. I’ve never taken a shot like this before and it was really cool to experiment. I don’t experiment nearly as much as I should. Thoughts on it? The left one might be my favorite from the day.

I couldn’t decide if I like it better like that, or like this… I also played around and made it a silhouette and it liked it a lot.

This photo shoot makes me emotional for a couple of reasons, but ultimately I am blessed to be a part of this time with my family and I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else. I can not wait to be in the hospital holding their baby boy and sharing such an amazing time with them. I love you guys!

ps. This was my first ever photo shoot while still in my sweat pants! It was great!


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