Pure Heart

It feels like forever since I’ve posted, I’m sorry for my absence. My main computer crashed and I’m waiting for my computer guy to come and fix it. We have also had a lot of personal stuff that demanded my attention going on this week as well. I had planned to show a couple of photos from the anniversary party we threw my mother and father in-law last weekend,so hopefully my computer will be fixed soon.

It was made abundantly clear to me the past couple of days how undeserving I am of anything that God has given me. Not His grace, not my husband or family but I still have them.  I have been refined and now truly see how lucky I am. It feels great to know that I can go to the Lord and have no baggage, nothing between us and that I will be blessed. I don’t know if I’ve ever truly had the confidence that I will be blessed, but I have it now. My heart is pure. If you have baggage or unfinished business, get rid of it. Get right. Matthew 5:8 says “Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.”

This afternoon was great! Scott and I lounged on the couch (which if you know us, you know we never do that!) and this past week Scott was able to find a truck he liked for a great price, so we cleaned that up a bit. We worked around the front of the house, it was just fun being with him. The weather today was gorgeous today and the sunset was beautiful.

Scott’s new truck + the amazing sunset.

I love my life.

Have a wonderful weekend all!


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