Happy 30th

Wow does it feel like a long time since I’ve posted anything! Thank goodness I finally have my computer up and running again, I don’t know what I did before I had it, and without Photoshop. Geez. Oh and I lost all of my pretty fonts that I’ve downloaded over the years, so if anyone has some good ones they can suggest. Feel free!

My computer is like new now and I can finally catch up on my work and some stuff I’ve been wanting to share, like this party we threw for my mother and father in-law a couple of weekends ago. It actually ended up being more like a wedding after it was all said and done. A caterer, a dj, a mariachi band, a wonderful cake, (a photographer of course) a head table, you know the works. It was way more than I originally imagined, but at the end of the night all that mattered was that my in-laws had a great time. And they did. Everything turned out amazing (although I wouldn’t recommend the venue, it was at the Canyon Lake Lodge and throughout the entire planning of this event the coordinator there was just terrible. With a capital T) other than that though, it looked great and everyone enjoyed themselves which that in itself is every party planners goal. I’ll just share a few of my favorites, I think you can tell how much fun it was by these photos!

Maria, my mother-in-law and her sister Martha are singers, they have tons of records and their music is still played on radio stations in Mexico. So anytime we party, they go up there and do their thing and we love it! Here’s some to start the night off

My favorite

A few details. This is the head table where we all sat.

For mother’s day a few years ago we made Maria this book, it’s her life plus ours and we had people sign around the pictures for the guest book.

The favors for people to take home if they wanted, we made a DVD slideshow, the same one we showed at the party.

Mom and her girls…

The party

A group shot

This party was so much fun and totally worth the little (or huge) stress we had getting everything ready. It was beautiful and fun, and planned with the love we have for our family. I would have a party like this all the time if I could!!

And Dear God, please let Scott put up with me for 30+ years.

Happy Thursday everyone!

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