What I learned the year before I turned 29

This past year I can honestly say has brought the biggest trials eve-r! But through each trial, Scott and I have grown together and grown in the Lord. Through each trial I would search my heart and pray that I would learn from it, and I believe that I did. So this is my list of that I have learned the year before I turned 29.

1. The true meaning of God’s grace.

2. That my passion for photography runs deeper than the ocean.

3. That you can only trust Jesus and your family with your heart, not even other Christians, because they will break it.

4. That I am truly, madly, deeply in love with my husband.

5. That I am fully, whole-heartedly ready to be a mommy.

6. That Disneyland is a lot of fun when in moderation and with the right company.

7. That loving someone despite our differences is the best thing I can do, for the both of us.

8. To trust in the Lord always and have a peace that surpasses all understanding.

9. To appreciate life as it is today, not what it could be or what I want it to be.

10. And in the end, everything turns out as it is suppose to.


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