Birthday Wonderfulness

The first thing I have to do this morning is thank all of you for all of the amazing birthday wishes! You can not helped but feel extremely loved on your birthday and I’m so grateful for it. I wish I could get that many good wishes every day! haha I guess then your birthday wouldn’t be as special if that always happened. But it was an amazingly great day.

One reason why it was such great fun was because I believe that I completed one of my 2011 Goals. My good friend Kathleen is so good with going with the flow, and not being afraid to do something different, or last minute. With me, everything needs to be very precisely planned out so Kathleen was part of my inspiration for my goal # 3. Try taking myself a little less seriously. This goal comes in many different shapes and forms but one way for me is to not have a plan. And for my birthday, that’s what we did. (Scott had to work on my actual birthday so Kat and I came up with this amazing idea) Kathleen had the addresses of some of the places we were interested in seeing but that’s about it.

Our first stop was Griffith Park where we had a lovely picnic (oh and ps. the weather was perfect! It was warm but not hot and as blue of a sky as could be for LA!)

Our lunch

Then.. I’ve always wanted to go by Kat Van D’s tattoo shop, High Voltage. Soo. we did that too! We even went inside and Kathleen asked about tattoo pricing (you don’t even want to know how much they start at in that shop, okay I’ll tell you $800!) Crazy. Oh and we went into her art gallery next store as well, there was a lot of really cool stuff in there and reasonably priced. Although, I am still trying to rid my mind of some of the art images I saw. Despite that, it was a fun experience!

Next, for all those coffee drinkers out there, we went to Intelligentsia, apparently an amazing coffee place. Going there was my gift to Kathleen because she LOVES this place (and I don’t drink coffee.)

And then, we headed back to my parents house to party with the rest of our friends. It was my second annual Taco birthday party. My mom makes some awesome tacos, and I have awesome friends so my favorite thing to do on my birthday is combine them :) Meet my beautiful friend Jamie and her son Eli.

Oh and I forgot about this one, I was very excited early in the morning, so excited in fact I even took a picture of myself (very rare) it’s pretty blurry because it was so dark in my bathroom, but you can still see how silly I look.

This was probably the best birthday celebration in all of my 29 years. That’s thanks to my husband, my family and my friends!

Also that is in part (or should I say mostly) to being blessed for abiding in the one true thing. The Lord. I believe I’ve already accomplished 2 of my goals already by February (actually 3 but I’ll save that for another post)

9. Live for today, don’t wait for tomorrow. I think this is a lesson I need to re-learn each day, but starting a few weeks ago I truly let go and started to appreciate the life I have instead of what I don’t. It’s a great way to be.

3. Try taking myself a little less seriously. Well obviously I did that, I took a picture of myself!

Thank you again for everyone who wished me a happy birthday, the love I felt is something I honestly cherish.


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