Chase + Stephanie :: Orange County Engagement Portraits

I’ve known Stephanie for a really long time, when I was a senior in high school she was a freshman and one of Scott’s sisters close friends. As long as I’ve known who Stephanie was, I’ve known that there was Chase. I never had the pleasure to meet Chase before this day but I always knew his name. Chase and Stephanie have been together for 10 years and when we were talking about the two of them she told me that they were best friends. After their engagement session I can see that, when I saw them together I could see his love and gentleness for her, and her respect and appreciation for him. It was beautiful.

I love all of these and just a warning, there are many, many images in this post.

Occasionally I’m asked for photography advice, I still don’t really know why anyone would ask me. My friend Sam who does graphic design recently bought herself a nice dslr (I won’t mention the fact that it’s Nikon, okay I just did, oops) I won’t hold that against her, so we were talking and if there was an opportunity to tag along to a shoot she wanted to. Whenever someone wants to learn from me, I almost advise them not to. I don’t feel by any means that I am at a place to teach someone, but if I do, I always advise them that I’m not saying this is the right way, or the perfect way, but merely MY way. I think Sam did a great job, this one is hers and my favorite that she took.

I know these next few might be repetitive but they are different just a little bit and I couldn’t pick just 1 that I liked.

I love this one Sam took.

Love these 2…

Chase is probably the best “male” sport I’ve ever met, he did whatever we asked of him with no complaining. It was so much fun. I admire both of them for getting in the water, it was not a warm day. I’m so excited to end with this.

Sam’s angle…

My angle…

Steph and Chase I had such a great time with you and can’t wait until your wedding in April!

2 thoughts on “Chase + Stephanie :: Orange County Engagement Portraits

  1. That was so much fun! Thanks for letting me tag along! I hope to write up a post on my experience too! It’s cool to see the difference from our angles too, in the way the poses look and the lighting!

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