Brand New Jaxon :: Menifee Newborn Photography

He’s here finally!! On Tuesday when I got my procedure done Kristy went into labor! Thankfully I felt really good once I was done and we were able to go and sit and wait for Jaxon’s arrival. He was born at 10:46 on Tuesday (3/22) and he weighed 8 lbs 2 ounces and was 20 1/2 inches long.

Like I’ve previously mentioned daddy is away at a State Correctional Academy and unfortunately was not able to be here for Jaxon’s birth. Soo, I wanted to take some photos really quick so he can get a good look at his little guy!! These were taken yesterday so he’s was hours old in these.. I love him already!

I don’t know exactly why but I love the one on the right…

and this one!

I just love baby feet!

He didn’t like being unwrapped from his cozy blanket or his mommy’s arms…

Look at his dimple on his right cheek! He got that from mommy.

I know I’m bias but he’s pretty darn cute right!?


3 thoughts on “Brand New Jaxon :: Menifee Newborn Photography

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