My Days Lately

Have been mostly spent in the house with this little guy and his mommy. I can’t even explain the joy this little boy brings to me. I’ve fallen in love so fast I can’t believe it… all I know is I’m pretty sure our hearts will explode when it’s time to hold our own.

I’m sorry for not blogging lately, I’m hoping to be better this week (I think I might have said that last week) I keep wanting to get out everything I’m feeling, but then scared to at the same time because.. well I’m not sure why. Maybe because what I’m really feeling I know I’ll be ashamed of later…

Jaxon being born has been the sunshine of my week, since Kristy had him the same day I had the surgery it’s been nice to have somewhere to go and just rest and not feel bad to still be in my pj’s because so is Kristy! We both sort of waddle around. It’s very weird, 2 completely different circumstances and then very similar recoveries! But like I said, perfect timing because I could sit and stare at this little guy all day..

This is at the hospital the morning after he was born

This is from Saturday when he was sleeping on me

And this.. my new favorite is from this morning. We went over there because Super Grandma made french toast for breakfast! He’s so cute, I love him so much!

I can’t promise you won’t see more this little mister because I’m pretty much obsessed. But I’ll try very hard to get back to work this week! xoxo j.


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