I was just looking… (image heavy)

I was looking at old photos the other night of me back in high school and it’s crazy to see how much Scott, my friends, and I’ve changed over the years. (mostly for the better except the 10 pounds I’ve gained since then!) You never realize how many people come and go throughout the years until your looking back at the memories you’ve created with them. Thankfully, I’ve been blessed to have one man come and never go. This April will mark our 12th year since we started dating our junior year of high school, I can hardly believe it when I actually think about it. To think about everything we’ve gone through and how much we’ve changed, I praise God we stuck it through and are still continuing to grow as a couple.

I’m only putting these 2 from the very early days, well.. because it physically pains me to see myself at that stage :)

Scott’s first motorcycle purchase..

This is the day Scott graduated from the Santa Ana Fire Academy. The first day to a lot of hard work and determination, the first day to the rest of our lives. I love him so much for his dedication. (he’s just so cute! and he doesn’t look any older today!)

Nerd Alert

One of my all time favorite pictures! My dad took this the day we got our family photos taken, also the day I realized I wanted to be a photographer myself!

I love Scott’s smile in this picture, he has a great smile. That is us with his little brother (who is now 14 holy moly!!)

I’m not exactly sure why but this is one of my favorite photos of us, something about it. I was taking a photography class at Fullerton JC and was practicing with self timer! Now I’m a pro because that’s how I take most of our Christmas card photos!

So far the best day of my life.. I asked Scott if we could renew our vows for our first anniversary because I wanted another wedding… he said no.

This picture is now on my mirror in my bedroom. As motivation. To lose those 10 pounds I’ve gained. (our honeymoon in Hawaii)

This is from one of our funnest vacations, all of his family plus my mom and dad in Mexico for 11 days. Once in a lifetime vacation. (you would think Scott being married to a photographer would smile better but nope.. this is what I get most of the time.. and he has the best smile. o’well)

See I’m pretty sure I’ve perfected the art of self-timer. These are our most recent photos taken (taken Christmas 09 how sad!) We are in need badly of new ones. But I still love these..

One last one, and one last of my absolute all time favorites. I’m so proud to be a W.

One thing going through my old albums made me realize was that I am extremely guilty of slacking on creating albums anymore. I leave all the digital copies on my computers hard drive or facebook. Shame on me, what will we show our kids and grand-kids in 20 years!? My April goal is to get a new album and continue from where I left off on my old ones. That will be a fun project.

If your reading this, I think you should go back through your old albums and reminiscence about all the memories you’ve made with the people you love. It’s quite fun and I think you’ll be as surprised as I was to see where life has taken you. And make new albums if your behind like I am!

Have a wonderful weekend! Let’s make new memories! xoxo


5 thoughts on “I was just looking… (image heavy)

  1. I love this! It made me go through a ton of old pictures I had on my computer. Haha.

    You’re beautiful, Jess! And you and Scott make a beautiful couple. :)

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