My Weekend in Instagram

I think it’s time for another weekend in pictures… I knew it would be a fun one since it was a birthday weekend for my brother…

My weekend started on Friday, I had lunch on the patio with a friend, her family has this gorgeous view out their backyard! Then ended with a little nephew time.

Saturday morning I could see part of this beautiful sky peeking through my window so I had to run out a 6:00am to take this! Later that morning, I met some lovely ladies for coffee and we surprised my brother at work with cupcakes (made by Kathleen) And I promise even though the last time I posted my weekend in pictures it also involved sleeping, that I never really do naps.. But this Saturday I took at least a 2 hour nap, it was so weird! And then we of course ended the night with even more nephew time! (sorry for the dark picture)

Then today after church, all of our friends went to Red Robin to celebrate with my handsome (and SINGLE) brother, then we went back to our house and had some awesome BBQ and cake to continue our celebration. And last but not least, another Nerd Alert with the girls, I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time!

I had a fabulous weekend! I hope yours was just as great!


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