Menifee Child Photographer :: Ava Ryan

In February Ava turned 4!! I still can hardly believe that she is already 4, time just continues to fly by. Since it’s the beginning of Spring we thought we might be able to find a spot with blooming flowers but were unsuccessful so we made our own! I think it turned out so cute!

Ava has turned into such a beautiful girl, she’s not a baby anymore.

Of course we couldn’t let Ava be the only one to sit on the pink chair in front of the pretty flowers, Grace wanted a turn too.

Mama and her 2 girls, I love these 3! And I really, really want Andrea’s boots!

I love these next 2

And.. my favorite..

Although I absolutely adore this one as well!!

Sometimes I’ll sit and wonder what I did to deserve great friends like I have. Andrea is one of those, through this hard time she’s let me call her with anger, sadness and many many tears. She lets me have my emotions without telling me to change them. Even before this I’ve realized what a good friend to me she is. I remember once she knew how busy my week had been going and she had a follow up appointment to look at Ava’s photos with me and she made me dinner! As silly as it sounds, I’ll never forget that.

I was just telling her the other day that she really ought to start thinking about baby #3 (a boy hopefully!) and that once we’re ready again to try maybe my #1 and her #3 could be around the same time! I think that would be something awesome to share with her. Thank you for being such a great friend to me Andrea, I really appreciate it. xoxo

I really, really want her boots!

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