And then there were 4 :: Menifee Child Photographer

I’ve known Becca for a really long time, I can remember when I was a twirpy little freshman and she was a senior and I thought all those seniors were so old and fun! Then years went by and I myself graduated high school and since then, as long as I’ve known Becca… she’s been pregnant! haha!! She’s hilarious and her kids always turn out adorable! You might remember the shoot I did in December here with the Bain kids and their cousins. Ethan was there too, sort of.. in mommy’s belly. And now Ethan is here and Becca asked me to take some announcement photos with his sisters and brothers I was excited! I mean, look at her kids, they are adorable!!

Baby Ethan and his gorgeous smile

And then this little ham wanted in on the flash too and he was making me laugh so hard with all his little moves.

These 2 are so cute! He’s a funny guy

Thanks Becca for asking me to be a part of this time with you!


4 thoughts on “And then there were 4 :: Menifee Child Photographer

  1. Great Job Jessica! – You definitely have an gift for catching the spirit in each child – Becca, you have beautiful children & Kim, what a lucky grandma!

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