Journaling our Journey {part 2}

Well we had our follow up appointment with the Dr this afternoon and it went well. Can I just stop before I start and say how wonderful my new Dr is! When she is with you, it is pretty much like no one else exists even though she is always busy! If you are looking for a new OB, I highly recommend her. Go here for her number, her name is Dr. Pattie Dimmette.

But anyway, back to our appointment. She told us that the embryo did test positive for a chromosome abnormality. (please excuse if I don’t explain it completely right, I am not smart especially when it comes to medical terms) but basically they test about 20 chromosomes, and the embryo’s 16th chromosome duplicated, or more precisely triplicated (is that even a word!?) Apparently there are 2 sets of 23 chromosomes normally, but in this case there was 3 of the 16th chromosome. She called is a Trisomy 16, I googled it and this is what I found on it. It is definitely encouraging news and one positive is that it’s happened early on, from what I read sometimes they survive but then pass in early infancy. I can’t.even.imagine. Scott and I are going to be tested, Scott only for his chromosomes but me, tons more. Including thrombophilia, which sounds a lot scarier than it is I think, if this were the case, it would be a matter of me taking a baby aspirin once a day.. Simple right? Let’s pray well first.. that nothing is being passed down, and second that if it is something, that it’s as simple as that. So for now, we are hopeful, once we get the blood test results back we’ll know more.

I did save the worst part for last (at least for me anyway) Dr. Dimmette also told us that our baby would have been a girl… I honestly think I actually felt my heart break a little when she told us that. She also did say that we only have to wait for my first menstrual cycle to start trying again, although we will not be doing that. At least not on purpose, I want to focus on some other things for a little while, maybe for once we can just accidentally get pregnant… All in all I feel really good about how this appointment went, and the information we found out. We will just take it day by day and see what happens.

As you all know I always like to include pictures… Here is my wonderful husband who’s been with me to every appointment this time.. actually both pregnancies he has. Bored of course, but still present… I’m very lucky to have him.

And me waiting.. oh how I hate sitting on this bed/bench/crunchy paper madness. I know you ladies know what I’m talking about!

If you are totally confused as to what I’m even talking about because you missed my first post, and you’d like to read part 1, click here.

I know this was a heavy post again, and tons of information, hopefully it wasn’t too boring… but I do appreciate you coming along on the ride with me! I hope you had a great Monday!


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