Menifee Senior Photography :: DeAnna

Meet DeAnna, a sweet, sweet girl. She is a senior this year but has been taking college courses in ASL. She is in school to become a sign language interpreter, which I think is awesome! Since I worked at the Interpreter Coordinating company I’ve had a much deeper interest in sign language. She has an artistic eye and also LOVES to read, it is her passion. A couple of years ago I took her brothers senior portraits and I kept telling her throughout the shoot that she smiled better than him. (shhh don’t tell Doug!)

During this shoot I became acutely aware of how much I talk. It doesn’t help my blabber mouth that Jan and DeAnna are extremely easy to talk to! But yes, I talk to way to much! Enough said. And enough talking. Here are my favorites.

She has such a cute smile!

Love this!

When I pictured this photo in my head it had more sun shining through, but unlucky as I am right before our shoot the sky got cloudy. I still think the lighting coming over the hills and on her hair in this one looks so pretty. Perfect to end with.

Thank you ladies for the great conversation (greater on my part of course) I had tons of fun with you and hope to see you again soon!

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