A little more of Madelyn :: Menifee Newborn Photography

Every time I take baby photos I think they are my favorite, that’s no different now. This is now my new favorite newborn session. Well she’s not exactly new-newborn anymore, she is 1 month but I’m pretty sure this is my new favorite! I love the flowers for her hair and her purple poofy dress, she’s a beautiful baby! I used to be terrified of newborns, but after being around Madelyn and my new nephew so much I realize they aren’t so scary and I actually love holding and being with them!

Look at this flower, love it!

I love her teeny little smile in this one…

Have to have the little tootsies…

Now for the dress, I love this one

I’ll end with my favorite as I usually do, isn’t is so sweet!?

If you want to see the photos that I took of Madelyn when she was only days old, you can go here to see them.

Thank you Elisabeth for picking me to be a part of this special time with your baby girl, I’m honored. And thank you for caring for me, I’m blessed to have you to lean on. xoxo


3 thoughts on “A little more of Madelyn :: Menifee Newborn Photography

  1. wow! these are seriously amazing. my fav is the first one of her in the purple dress…seriously looks fake cause it looks so perfect!

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