The Sweetest Proposal Ever!

Okay so I am not the biggest fan of reality TV (I know I’m probably the only one) but I did watch one season of the Bachelor and it happened to be the season with Brad (the first time he attempted his run for love) I did see through the magazines in the grocery line he attempted again right? Andrea you can tell me if I am wrong (she always gets mad that I don’t watch reality TV and shows like Oprah!) anyway, when I did watch it my favorite was DeAnna. I thought she was so cute and had an adorable personality. I wish she had a blog, I would totally love to hear all about her life… Anyway, yes I told you I talk to much.. Get to the point jess… I was browsing the Green Weddding Shoes blog and came across this post which is her engagement photos to her fiancee Stephen. I of course loved all of the photos but seeing as I am sucker for love and a hopeless romantic I just gushed at her proposal story.

Such a gorgeous couple, and a beautiful story. It kinda shows me yet again that God always has a better plan. She put herself out there on that show and it didn’t work, but because of that show and the friends she met during that time, she was able to meet someone completely different and fall in love. Sorta awesome I think. So take a look if you want to, I thought it was totally cute!


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