Resurrection Sunday

Most All of you know what this weekend is! It’s Easter time. Jam packed full with easter baskets, lots of candy and usually a big warm meal! Not only that, most importantly it’s the day that our Savior rose from the dead after being crucified on our behalf. Amazing right!?

I wanted to show you this awesome ad for 2 reasons, 1. my good friend Sammi designed it. (if your interested in graphic design or need something made like a new logo or business cards then check her out!) But also because it’s what she designed to let people know about the Easter service our church is having.

Let me just tell you, our church is awesome! One like you’ll never find anywhere else. (okay I am bias) But these people are my family, they’ve been there with me, held on tight and never let go. Something you don’t find at every church. And can I just say that my friend, our pastor’s wife, McKensie is like no one else I know (trust me everyone on our church staff is amazing, but I had dinner with her Thursday night so her awesomeness is fresh on my mind!) I don’t know how she does it but she is always able to organize 3 events at once and then still have the energy to encourage and bless me with her words at the same time!

I promise that this rant has a point… If your free this Sunday morning, come. Or check out our church website if you want, Calvary Chapel Canyon Hills.

In other news, this morning I’ll be taking my nephew Jaxon’s 1 month photos! He’s already a month old, it’s so crazy!

I’m pretty sure I used the words awesome and amazing waay to many times today! :)  Have a great Easter weekend!


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