An update with no news : Journaling our Journey {part 3}

Good morning!! I wanted to give a quick update, but I have nothing to update :) I did not have a chance to call Wednesday and almost forgot to yesterday. (it’s been a busy couple of days!) But when I called she let me know the doctor was out until Tuesday (which is fine because I’m actually quite nervous to find out our results) she did let me know that she saw Scott’s paperwork come through actually and so mine should be there as well.. Sooo, basically I could know the answer now, but I can’t.. That’s just the way things in my life usually go. But like I said, I’m nervous about the results so I kinda feel like I can keep waiting!

Wednesday I visited Scott at his station, and when I was getting the tour he showed me this amazing old fire truck! Scott doesn’t really like me posting things about his job since he hasn’t passed probation yet. But I’m breaking a rule here because of 2 reasons, I love how it looks! It even has a trampoline to catch people jumping from a burning building! I love that it says Ontario Fire Department and that that’s where my husband works! Okay so I have 3 reasons, but my third reason is because it’s a reminder to me that prayers do get answered. For years and years we all prayed that Scott would get hired, and God answered. In His timing of course! Just like that, he will provide for us in this situation too, it just takes some trust on our part.

In the meantime I’m also getting ready to shoot a wedding tomorrow! When I think about it, I get super nervous and second guess myself! I’ve shot them before but for some reason, this one has me shakin in my boots a bit. Hopefully next week I’ll be back to normal because I’ve got a few shoots to share with you, it’s just finding the time to post them!

Have a great day!! xoxo j.


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