My Weekend in Instagram

It’s time for another recap of my weekend in Instagram.. woohoo I bet your all super excited, if you aren’t, sorry :)

My weekend was great! Friday was a really fun day, it started off with a lunch at Farmer Boys with girlfriends Jamie (& Eli), McKensie, Angela, Tifiny and (another) Jessica. It was a great time, I didn’t get a group shot but I did get this one of Eli. So when I was leaving I was driving by and about to take a picture of the outside and some WEIRDO walked out and wouldn’t stop staring at me. He was super fake tan, was old and wrinkled and had the shortest shorts on ever! Needless to say, I got the heck outta dodge and ditched the picture! haha it was gross! After lunch Jamie and I went and did a little shopping at the Outlet Center, and stopped by Billabong to see our friend Trisha. That night we all went to Dave & Busters in Ontario to celebrate Jamie and Kellen’s birthday, so those are our girlie pictures! And Jamie is curtsying in her birthday dress that I got for her. And the one next to it.. I’m not really sure what I’m doing in that one, apparently I made a creepy face before and Jamie wanted me to re-create it, I wasn’t successful in re-creating the original creepy face, but instead made this one.

Then of course we can’t do without some food pictures because your all dying to know what I ate. Saturday night Scott and I went and watched the boxing match at a friends house and stopped at Scott’s favorite place, Pizza Hut for dinner.

And then this morning I went to my mom’s for breakfast, we went to church and then just hung around the house all day, eating and napping. It was great.

And lastly, my beautiful nephew. Kristy posted this on Instagram for me since I wouldn’t be seeing him today. He’s smiling for me, I love him so much.

Are you on Instagram?? I am addicted, if you are find me, jrose_photography. I’d love to get picture insights into your life, even if we aren’t friends yet!

I hope you all had a great weekend!!


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