An Invitation to Hang

(**warning, read this only when you have time, it’s a long one!)

I know this might sound super lame but it’s taking me a while to catch on to this whole Twitter thing, Facebook I get but Twitter, not-so-much. But after some explanation from my good friend Sam I’ve been trying to get on there more, involve myself in some conversations. I know that this can be such a useful tool in marketing or what I’m really looking for, being involved in other photographers lives. It’s really been on my heart to network with other people who are doing what I’m doing, who love what I love.. people. So I was on there this morning and saw a tweet from Chase Jarvis who happens to be a leader in the photography industry. His tweet was about an announcement that involves YOU coming soon. Sweet, I want to get involved, tell me what to do! So I tuned in and am glad I did, because now I get to be a part of something pretty awesome. He’s calling all people, not just photographers. But people who carry their cameras/phones/what-have-you and like to snap off pictures. Maybe this project is not for you, but just in case I thought I’d write about it, I think it’ll be fun!

This is what Chase said on his blog when talking in depth about his worldwide collaborative art project, “When applied to photography, this everyday-ness is most revealed by the snapshot. Over time and without our knowledge, the snapshot has become the most meaningful visual storyboard we have of simply “being” in the world. The snapshot is pure, direct, unmediated expression and, refreshingly, it lacks academic influence or vogue. At once a celebration of life and a reminder of our mortality, the snapshot awakens us to realize that we each have a limited number of these discrete, fleeting moments in our lives. Especially when aggregated, snapshots readily precipitate what it means to be human.

The snapshot is our most basic visual language, yet for being a fundamental, visual building block that expresses a world’s culture–our human “being there”–the snapshot has never been properly celebrated. The time is now ripe for that celebration.”

Rather than continuing my ranting, I will let you see the short video he made to explain this art project. Check out this blog post to read all about it, and all of our images will be here if they post them online. I’ve already submitted one that immediately stuck out in my mind when he said he wants it to be something that might never happen again, a moment that you can never get back. That’s what this is all about, it’s about capturing those small moments, the ones you can never get back, the good and the bad. For everyone it is different, for me this project will be about learning and growing as a photographer. I tend to prepare constantly for my portrait sessions, but with snapshots of life, there is no preparation, no perfect lighting or situation. I think it will be an awesome learning experience for me personally. And if your a friend of mine, I will apologize in advance if I have a camera pointed at you for the next 30 days…

This is the image I’ve submitted, it’s not the best photo I’ve taken ever. But it’s a moment I love to remember. Not because of anything other than that is someone that I love, my brother. You never know how long you have with anyone in life, it’s so short. But I’ll always have this, to remember that time. I looked through a few pages of the snapshots already posted to see if they posted this image, but don’t have time to keep looking now.

If you decide to do this project, please let me know, I’d love to see the images you submit! Send me a link to your photo somehow or shoot it through to me in an email. It would be fun to know if I see one of your pictures on their site!

Hope your day is great! (sorry for the long post with lots of reading)


4 thoughts on “An Invitation to Hang

  1. Wow! I love this… I’ve had fun just keeping up on Instagram seeing snapshots into each others lives on a daily basis. Can’t wait to see more of the images you are taking for it.

  2. Thanks for sharing. This photo says a lot…kind of a mini story in itself. I have posted a few photos as well. What a great way to share for the sake of sharing (imagine that). I saw this photo on the Tumblr stream and remember taking a moment to check it out. Nice shot…

    • Thank you Lori, I do love this photo so much. It’s exactly like you said, it’s awesome to share images just to share. Thanks for your comment!

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